Photography Week in Review – February 21-27, 2022


The moon was better the morning before, but it was darker and I didn’t have a tripod, and so the moon ended up badly overexposed. I came back Friday morning, still tripod-less, but waited for more light. (Thanks to my partner’s ebike, I can speed home at 15mph and be ready for work at 8am)

I took this shot at 5:56am, stopped in front of a gym that opens at 6am, and every time a gym goer walked up near me, I started. A bit nerve-wracking to have your eye focused on a scene, a couple thousand dollars worth of gear strapped to you, in the early solitary dark. I didn’t notice the streetlight providing an accent to the coffee mug until I was processing the image.

I knew the clouds would make for a pretty spectacular sunrise, and instead of joining the sure-to-be hordes at Kerry Park, I intended to get to Rainier Vista on the University of Washington campus for sunrise on Saturday, but didn’t get out the door quick enough, so I caught this scene on my way, Rainier under the Aurora Ave Bridge.

Just some urban landscapes that caught my eye.

I hadn’t used my 100-400 in a while. Too dark on these winter mornings, and often rainy. So I headed over to Foster Island in the Arborertum. As I was pushing my bike across boardwalk joining Foster Island, Marsh Island, and the mainland, I saw an eagle soaring, and it alit in this tree near the football stadium, a good test of the 100-400 1.4x tc combo at a distance of about 800′.

1 thought on “Photography Week in Review – February 21-27, 2022

  1. Ingrid Marcroft March 3, 2022 — 1:50 am

    Gorgeous, Jim! It’s wonderful to see your work! : )

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